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Social Care in the UK

In 2018 I moved into a Leonard Cheshire Care Home in Wetherby as at the time I needed a better housing solution. I was living in a flat by myself assisted by my PA, this didn’t work out as Social Services refused to provide me with the amount of care that I needed, mainly a full time carer throughout the night, should I need the toilet etc (you know, the basic things a human being needs). After doing extensive research online I came across Wharfedale House in Wetherby, I called the manager at that point and arranged to go view the place.

On first appearance it was a nice home for people with physical disabilities, beautiful location and friendly support workers (carers). The first thing I noticed once moved into there was the quality and quantity of food we received. Each resident is allocated £3.50 per day for ALL food and drink (this includes tea and coffee etc). Residents were presented their meals on side plates, not normal plates, SIDE plates that hardly fit any quantity of food on needed to fill us up. Now, let me inform you that each residents fee is NO lower than £1,000 PER WEEK averaging at around £4,000-£5,000 per month, there were 18 residents in the care home so on that calculation Leonard Cheshire who runs the care home gets £864,000 (estimated).

Is life all about making money out of profit? Is life making money from the vulnerable because that’s all they have so these big corporations know for a fact that they can get it? NO, it’s not. The residents in that care home and any other care home are human beings with beating hearts. They have feelings and believe it or not the same aspirations as every other human being that walks or rides this planet. Things need to radically change, we all can’t hide behind our doors procrastinating about what needs to change, we as fellow human beings need to start expressing instead of letting corporations or the media try condition our thoughts or control what we do. We have definitely gotten lost along the way, we weren’t born like this, we are freedom fighters. Yes we can all campaign for things like climate change or race discrimination or LGBTQ discrimination but what about people with disabilities? Are we meant to just hideaway and put up and shut up? No! We are not, it’s time for change, it’s time society sees how people with disabilities are really treated in these establishments such as Leonard Cheshire care homes. Leonard Cheshire himself started these places for people with disabilities with good heart but unfortunately it’s now a business NOT a charity.

Me and Sarah are very lucky because my parents rescued us and let us live with them in their home. We are now recovering from what has been a terrible experience together. And I say together as Leonard Cheshire has been disgraceful towards Sarah, who I might add was a carer for them for 4 years and a very good carer. Love what you have everyone because it could be much worse!

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