Welcome to Asta Speaks. Asta Philpot is a world famous disability rights campaigner, pioneering and starring in many documentaries across the world Asta continues to change perceptions surrounding disability. He is that passionate he has two movies that he has inspired. Hasta la Vista, a critically acclaimed Belgian comedy road trip that follows three guys with disabilities on their quest to lose their virginity. Hasta la Vista has won 30 awards to date across the world. Following on from the success of Hasta la Vista his story got made into a USA remake. Starring an all star cast including Grant Rosenmeyer (also producer), Gabourey Sidibe, Ravi Patel and Hayden Szeto, Come As You Are is made. Directed by Richard Wong and written by Erik Lindhorst this American remake is already winning awards at film festivals across the world.  Both movies are based on Asta’s incredible true story. In cinemas across the USA February 14th 2020 and On Demand.

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